Mountain peaks, blue waves, mist and fog, maple leaves are like fire, this is the "urban leisure back garden" --- Benxi Guanmenshan National Forest Park.
 As one of the first national forest parks in Liaoning Province, the park was established in 1994. The park covers an area of ​​3517 hectares with an altitude of 310-1234 meters. The forest coverage rate is 95%. It has jurisdiction over the five major scenic spots of Xiaohuang Mountain, Longmen Gorge, Yuetaizi, Jializi and Mingyougu, and 130 scenic spots. The main attractions are: Guanyin Temple, Shouxing Tree, Jinglian Waterfall, Zhuanxin Lake, Maple King, Stonehenge, Yuanyangshi, Sanjieyi, Peacock Fairy, Hukouxian Waterfall, etc.
 Guanmen Mountain is located in Benxi Manchu Autonomous County in the eastern mountainous region of Liaoning Province. It is 110 kilometers away from Shenyang. It is a national AAAA-level scenic and tourist area. It is one of the 50 best scenic spots in the province. "Guilin, Shuibifeng and Cuijiang Jiangnan" said.
 The wonderful scenery of Guanmen Mountain moves along with the scenery, and the scenery moves with the scenery. The scenery contains the mysterious connotation of the mountains and the profound and profound confusion. It is memorable and forgetful. In autumn, the layers of the forest are dyed with colorful leaves, and the winter tour is full of silver.
         This is a green homeland that returns to nature, returns to nature, and explores. Ancient trees and famous trees, outstanding style, above 800 meters above sea level, distributed in virgin forest, watching the colorful butterfly dance; branch squirrel jumping: hare walking in the rock; mandarin ducks, egrets on the water; Not wild. The cliffs stand tall, the peaks stand high, there are the wonders of the Huangshan Mountains, the dangers of the Huashan Mountains, and the endless streams; the waterfalls fall and fall, the Gaoxia Pinghu, the magnolia tree, the white snow, the world's treasures, the red leaves wonders, the mountains and the wild, are famous. After the morning and evening rain, it is even more steaming and misty, magnificent, magnificent, purple, rising in the sky, clouds and mist, the endless clouds and peaks are hidden, the green water flowing continuously is like a fairyland in Yaochi.
        The Maple Leaf Villa is located in the Guanmenshan Forest Park surrounded by green mountains. It has complete service facilities such as guest rooms, restaurants, entertainment and hot spring bathing, swimming, etc. It can accommodate 300 people at the same time, can accommodate 400 people to eat at the same time, and can provide local flavor. Wine and food with Manchu characteristics. To undertake various meetings, business negotiations, business training, photography sketching and tourism and other groups.
Back to nature, back to nature, back to nature
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