There are few tourists in Yuetaizi, Mingcuigu and Yuetaizi scenic spots. Maple leaves are the most. The most beautiful v...
Various travel agencies in the Shenyang Tour Group can arrange routes. The travel agencies in Shenyang basically do Gua
In the autumn, the sky is high and the clouds are light, and the red leaves are colorful. When traveling in autumn, besi
Every year from September 25th to October 20th, the red leaves are the most beautiful. The mountains are not red all ove
Benxi Bus Terminal (Dongfen Bus Station) has a minibus going to Xiaoshi. The bus departs cyclically. The fare is 10 yuan
From Shenyang Expressway intersection, take 56 kilometers on the expressway, about 30 minutes by car, and then go to Gu
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