Benxi Style

Issuing time:2020-06-10 00:00

Benxi Style


Benxi has beautiful and magical natural scenery. Benxi Water Cave, Guanmen Mountain Scenic Area and Jiuding Tieshan Mountain make people stay together. The beauty of Benxi is not only in nature, the urban area of Benxi is also beautiful and brightening day by day, giving people a feeling of being in a garden. Clusters, green trees, green Benxi, a garden-like city, this is today's new Benxi. Benxi will extend its warm hands and welcome you!

Opening Benxi's picture scroll, the chapter of environmental protection is the thickest. As early as 1979, Benxi's environmental pollution problem was registered by the United Nations. With the strong support of the country, Benxi raised a total of 480 million yuan and completed 44 environmental governance   projects in seven years. Pieces of smoke dragons were locked, and a stream of sewage was imprisoned. Today, the United Nations has been identified as a pilot city for the "Agenda 21" of natural, ecological and social sustainable development.   

Benxi has always regarded improving the living conditions of the citizens and beautifying the living environment of the residents as an important task. Starting from urban greening, the urban greening coverage rate reached 40%. Benxi invests special funds every year on urban infrastructure construction and renovation, and the city's appearance is constantly updated and improved.

The traffic in Benxi is extending in all directions, realizing highways connecting villages to villages. The opening and construction of Shenben Expressway and Shendan Expressway make Benxi's traffic more convenient. Dalian Port, Yingkou Bayuquan Port, Dandong Port, Taoxian International Airport, Beijing to Pyongyang, North Korea.

The train has shortened the distance between Benxi and overseas, and has promoted friendly exchanges, economic cooperation and talent exchange with various countries and regions and domestic cities. The prosperity and development of Benxi's post and telecommunications business, the opening of the Internet, program controlled switches, wireless paging and the popularization of mobile phones have made Benxi a "model city for the sustainable development of industrialized cities in northern China", and have made Benxi a bright spot in the global village.

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