Manchu Style

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Manchu Style

Manchu style-three monsters

    The customs and habits of various nationalities naturally have their own differences. The customs of the Manchu are also rich and unique. However, some of these customs are not only unique but also quite strange. Have you heard of the "Three Manchuria"?

    Before the widespread appearance of glass windows, paper pasted windows were very common in China. However, the window papers of the Manchu people were pasted on the outside of the mullions. With the support of the mullions, they added the strength to resist the wind and snow. The paste is completely different on the side of the room. This is the first of the three monsters-the window paper is outside.

    In the past, the Manchus and their ancestors lived a fishing and hunting life for a long time, which was not only difficult but also often associated with viper mosquitoes. Dry smoking not only repels mosquitoes and insects, but also prevents being bitten by venomous snakes. It is said that even the most venomous snakes are afraid of the oilseeds of cigarettes, so smoking is not only a pastime and hobby, but also plays a role in self defense and safety . Over time, it has been passed down from generation to generation, forming a Manchu smoking habit. In the past, almost all households had cigarette husks. When guests came, they were not only required to respect tea, but also to smoke. Not only did the elderly smoke, the young and middle aged, but also the young girls and their wives. This is the "three big" The second blame in the "blame""The girlinlaw holds a big cigarette bag". Before, when a Manchu girl married, an exquisite dry tobacco bag was an essential dowry. Of course, with the progress of the times and the changes in the living environment, Manchu women have abandoned this custom. Only those elderly grandmothers who are old still smoke a dry cigarette while nagging their homely habits and savoring the sweetness of life. Suffering, talking about the past and the future.

    The third blame is "feeding children to hang up". The wandering cradle shakes out the beautiful dreams of countless babies. In the dream, how many brave and sturdy Manchu sons and daughters came out of the dream, and how many beautiful and kind, diligent and wise Manchu girls. This custom is also closely related to the early fishing and hunting life of the Manchu. In the vast forest and snow fields, not only do you have to fight with jackals, tigers, and leopards, but also often companions with snakes and scorpions. Putting babies on the ground is not only wet and dangerous, but the cradle is lifted high, without delay in production, childcare, and housework. get more.

    "The window paper is pasted out. The girl in law holds the cigarette bag and feeds the child to hang it up." Now, the "three grotesques" have gradually disappeared with the progress of the times, changing customs and customs, and some are still preserved and inherited in the life of the Manchu people. With. The reason for the disappearance of the self disappears, and the value of the existence of the self.

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