Guanmenshan Scenic Area launches jungle crossing project

Issuing time:2020-06-10 00:00

Trial operation before the Dragon Boat Festival (from today to June 24, 2020), there are discounts...


Brief introduction of jungle crossing project

The jungle crossing originated in Northern Europe. It is an oxygenabsorbing outdoor activity close to nature and healthy fashion. It has been developed in Europe for more than ten years and has gradually become a new fashion leading outdoor leisure. Through the forest, he sets up and builds a variety of difficult, different styles, and super stimulating level courses, such as: zipline, rope, snake bridge, wave bridge, crossing time and space, angel hand, space and time tunnel, crossing obstacles , Jungle saddles, flying carpets... more than 30 items, let everyone integrate into the nature, and feel the excitement of climbing on trees and passing through the forest. What he challenges is not only human physical strength and courage, but also a bold attempt to break through the psychological limit and stimulate wisdom and potential. What people get in this sport is not only as simple as stimulation and challenge, but also a way and method to return to nature, return to instinct, find oneself, and find selfconfidence. It is a brandnew way of life and attitude to life , Away from the hustle and bustle, release pressure, simple and pure, simple and natural. Effectively improve the courage and selfconfidence of the participants, so that the participants can experience the crossing experience different from the ordinary ground environment.


Let you feel the realistic version of Tarzan, a jungle traversal game that you have to play in 2020! Four routes, nearly 60 projects, suitable for people of all ages to participate, the most handsome in 2020! The coolest forest game is waiting for you to experience!

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